Feeling Soleful

So there is good news on my foot — I do not have a stress fracture but instead have two very swollen metatarsals. The second and third to be exact. The injury is mechanical and has nothing to do with overuse. In other words, I have been not been a foolish and stubborn runner.

My prescription from the doctor was pretty simple. Get these insoles and when the foot stops hurting ease back into running. The marathon is still out but at least I left my doctor’s office relieved, smiling somewhat, and walking without a boot.

I ordered the insoles that night and paid extra to get the overnight — I have a race on Sunday! Before you start thinking, “Wait, you are a foolish runner! That isn’t easing back into running!” let me explain.

So the insoles arrived on Wednesday. They took way too long to get to me but ok Zappos, I will forgive you. Of course, I had my Deep Water Running class that night so it was not until about 9:00 pm that I got home and got inspect these babies. I reluctantly took the dog out first before I tore them open and popped them into the oven to prep for their fitting. My dog is happy I focused on her first or her bladder is.

I followed the instructions but the toasty warm insoles into my shoes and them get fitted to my precious big feet. The insoles felt hard and I wasn’t sure I could walk in them without pain let alone even try a marathon down the road.

The next morning I decided to wear them to work and see how they would feel walking and just wearing them for an extended amount of time. Dudes, almost immediately I noticed a difference! There was zero discomfort or pain in my foot!

Today, Friday, was going to be the day that I tried running in them. Just an easy three mile run either on the road or the treadmill. But alas work got in the way of that happening during lunch. I’m still hoping that I can try and run this evening if I leave work right away and not linger and be social.

But of course, the nervousness has crept in. What if my foot starts to hurt again and the insoles don’t work when I run?

I’m trying to push that aside and just look forward to running on Sunday in that race you think I’m being foolish about. Here’s the thing. It’s a 10k that consists of two loops. If the foot hurts I can always drop out after the first loop.

I really want to get at least one run in before Sunday, preferably today as I’m not sure if running on back to back days is a good idea right now.

But I would rather be in the position of planning to run than not being able to at all so that is something I am tremendously grateful for!

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I'm a SloHoMo.
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