Setting Goals and Sticking With Them

Having goals is good, sticking with them to the end is even better.

If that sentence doesn’t scream, “duh,” I don’t know what does.

A few months ago I set out on a plan to try an improve my 5k time, a distance that I never really ran that much but found myself running more frequently this year. I’m still ways off of my 5k PR time but I wanted to improve my time from over the previous year. The year where I tried to get running consistently again over and over again.

This year has seen a tremendous improvement on the consistency so I knew that setting a goal like this was realistic. That’s part of the deal with settings goals — they should take work to achieve but still be in reach. That’s what I have found to keep moving forward and achieving those goals then setting new ones. That’s my life coaching hat I just put on for you.

(LC hat now removed)

So I kept plugging away at my training plan and enjoyed seeing the endurance return as well as the confidence. My next step was to actually go out and run a 5k race to achieve this. Details.

My original plan was to run a 5k while on a trip to Arizona but that just was not going to work out. So the next option was a 5k about a mile from my home. It was perfect. I could sleep in a bit and not have to rush to the race.

The weather the during the week was awesome and beautiful so of course that meant it was going to be chilly and pouring rain during the race. Thank you Mother Nature and Running Gods!

I pretty much knew that my goal time was not going to be met. But I accomplished my “B” goal of sticking to my race plan and having fun. The time goal would come another day.

That “another day” came on Memorial Day when I decided to sign up for a 5k on Roosevelt Island in NYC. Yup, it rained on race day! While it didn’t rain as heavy as my last 5k it did bring the temps down a bit. This time around I switched my “A” and “B” goals by making sticking to the race plan and having fun as the “A” goal and beating my time as my “B” goals.

This 5k course is flat so my chances of hitting both goals was improved before I even crossed the starting line. The start of this course has a couple of tight turns near the start and a couple at the finish. Other than that you just run around the island.

Turn out keeping it calm and relaxed did allow me to enjoy the race. It wasn’t until I was off the island and headed to my best buddy’s place that I realized that I hit my time goal. Yup, I had a bit of a goofy grin on my face when I realized that.

By having those realistic goals I was able to accomplish them and now am in full on training mode for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon on Labor Day Weekend. There was a hurricane there last year when my buddy and I went that brought the temps down to a very comfortable level. I’m fully expecting the super crazy heat and humidity this year that may make me wish that I never decided to do this race again. That’s just how it rolls!

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  1. Congrats on the 5k goal and good luck in Virginia Beach!

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