Rocky Mountain High

I’m sitting here at LaGuardia Airport waiting to board my flight to Denver. I’m also supposed to get my first post-marathon run in this weekend. It is supposed to be slow and easy so I’m thinking about entering a 5k race in the Denver area. I’m really paying attention to the slow and easy part. Seriously, I am. My idea behind doing this race is so that I can run on a closed course and not have to worry about finding a route early on a Sunday morning.

The big maybe about this whole plan is how well I adjust to the altitude. This race will be less than 24 hours after landing in Denver. I’m hoping that me experience of growing up in the desert/mountain area will resurface and that my body will remember what that felt like more quickly. I’ve been hydrating pretty well and think that if I wake up tomorrow morning and fell pretty good I’ll head on over to the race. If not, I’ll just plan an easy run later in the day along the route that hotel has on their website.

This is also supposed to be my easy week before I start my training for the ING Miami Half Marathon in earnest. My goal is to get as close to my PR time as I can or to even PR so I know I’ll have to put in some hard work in the coming months.

I’m on my plane and need to shut down so please wish me luck in keeping my lungs inside my body.


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