I did this and it hurt.

I’m not sure what it is about us runners but most of us are very bad about actually doing that cross training thing that is always recommended and even included in most training plans. Even though we know we should cross train we just never get around to actually doing it. Oh, we always have good intentions and say that this time we will definitely do that cross training but that damn sofa is so comfortable.

Actually, I think the reason is pretty simple — we love to run. For most of us, running is our drug and passion and going to the gym is not.

I know that some of the aches and pains I have gone through lately may most likely be due to the fact that I only run not that because I am 40 years old. So with that in mind I bought a yoga for runners DVD and it sat on my desk for three weeks before I actually put it in the DVD player before I did the workout. This in itself is amazing if you keep in mind that it took me an entire year to launch my 100 push-ups app on my phone.

With my yoga mat, yes I have one, rolled out I hit play and started my breathing exercise. I always find this to be very hokey and this is probably why it’s a good reason I don’t actually go to yoga classes. I don’t really get all that namaste shit. I also drop the f-bomb on a regular basis when something hurts like when we got into Downward Dog and that lunge thing before you get to go into Child’s Pose. By this time I would have preferred the fetal position.

The DVD I used, pictured above, isn’t bad at all. Again, it’s namaste stuff, which is really at a minimum here. Most of the stretches are similar to other post run stretches I already do and yes, when I did the poses the second or third times they got easier. The DVD is about 50 minutes long and is for beginners. You do get a good workout as I was sweating a lot near the end. There are couple of routines that require you to use a wall which I did not have the ability to do because I have furniture against all of my walls. Having to move my mat near the door wasn’t realistic so I tried to modify those as best I could.

If you are a beginner and are looking for something to help stretch all those muscles out this is a good DVD. There is also an intermediate DVD available by the instructor.

And yes, I hit stop when that namaste crap came on at the end.


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2 Responses to Namaste…Ouch

  1. alaine66 says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I tend to get into the groove of doing yoga for a while, but then I always start to find other things to fill my time. I really need to do it this weekend! Thanks for helping me refocus!

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