The Scene of the Crime

I registered for the Brooklyn Half today. The same event that just happens to be the scene of me hitting rock bottom in my running last year. I am hoping that this year will be different.

I had made last year’s Brooklyn Half a big goal race for me. It was my 15th half marathon and the same event where I ran my first half. It was almost fitting that I finished both in the same way. I was relieved they were done and not quite sure how I finished at all.

But last year’s race served as the wake up call I needed to get serious about my running again and by July there were noticeable results. I’m hoping I don’t have to wait that long for another slap in the face about being serious with my running. And, can I use any more cliches in these first few paragraphs?

We’re experiencing another Polar Vortex here in NYC where the current temperature is 16 degrees but feels like zero. That is actually an improvement. This weather has wrecked havoc on my training (there I go again with the cliches). I started to get more consistent last week but have yet to run this week. I have a marathon in 13 weeks and am starting to feel under trained. I have got to get over these winter blahs and get moving again!

I have no idea how this Brooklyn Half will go. It’s three weeks after the NJ Marathon and I have never run a half so soon after a full marathon. And I just realized that I was considering the Escape to the Palisades Half Marathon a week after. Um, that might be a bad idea. I think we can finally say I have lost my mind.

But back to this lack of training thing. It’s starting to worry me — a lot and I can’t seem to get myself going to be more consistent. If only it could be summer right now then things would be so much better. It’s frustrating and worrisome to the point that I think I may have to scrap some of my goals for the marathon if I don’t things turned around in the next couple of weeks. If I don’t that will be a worse crime than last year’s Brooklyn Half.


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