Finding Consistency

Now that I’m finally back to enjoying running again the thing I have been struggling most with has been my consistency. I’ve had many nights where I have not slept well and that has made getting up to go running before work a challenge. Then just being flat out tired after work has made things any better.

I’m beginning to feel that lack of consistency take it’s toll. I’m nowhere near any of my PR times from last year and just feel out of shape when I run. Today was a perfect example of this during the NYRR Mini 10k where I just got steadily slower and slower as the race went on. I ended up 11 minutes off my 10k PR and this disappoints me to no end. I can make up every excuse in the world that I want; I have a sinus infection, my quads and hamstrings were tight, or my headphones were bothering me. That’s what those are — excuses. What really happened is that I haven’t been running consistently.

This is almost the do or die point before my marathon training begins the first week of July. There simply isn’t any more room for excuses. I’ve run enough marathons and other races to know that you can’t fake your training. Your results will show you what exactly you have put into it.

This starts tomorrow, or maybe you can even say it started today. If I want to attain my goal for this year’s marathon I MUST put in the work. I’ll be training on a schedule similar to the days of my marathon training and yes, that includes doing some cross training. I’m putting it out there to make sure there is something somewhere to help keep me accountable.

This means that there will be running on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Monday is a cross training day, Wednesday is a deep water running day, and Friday is a rest day.

I’m still figuring out the cross training bit but I am hoping to buy a new bike within the next few weeks if not this upcoming weekend. I used to go cycling all the time but stopped about six years ago but for the past couple of years I’ve been saying that I need to get a bike again. Some of friends are rather tired of me saying that, so if only to make their lives easier in not having to hear me say this often I’m getting a bike. But seriously, I need to add the cross training and if I’ve learned anything from my previous marathons is that the chances of me doing strength training are very slim. Heading out on a bike on Monday mornings before work is very doable and I’m looking forward to it.

So there it is. That is my plan. Let’s hope that now that I written and posted this, it will help me out the door every morning, starting tomorrow.


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