Logging the Miles

Sooooooo, I got up this morning at 5:00 am and ran. It felt good but I might need a nap soon.

It was great to be out there again. I got see some of my fellow running comrades out there, sort of like running into dear old friends but of course I have no idea who these people are just the fact that we run at the same time of day.

Just little three mile run this morning.

Just a little three mile run this morning.

Today’s run was nothing spectacular time-wise or distance-wise but I’m happy with it. The goal was to get out there and run at a good conversation pace.

While it felt faster, my overall pace is still hovering in an unhappy place for me. But…there may be a bright spot.

After I connected my Garmin I took a peak at what I ran on this exact date last year and I was 20 seconds slower than I am now. I then took a look at the whole week and realized that while I am well off my pace from this past fall, I am still ahead of where I was last year.

I also may have fully appreciated all of my detailed record keeping and logging all of my miles over the years. Yes, they actually do provide some insight into your progress and just don’t collect dust on a bookshelf. Or take up space on your hard drive (I like redundancies).

It really did serve as mental boost to see that I am ahead of where I was last year that I can make the improvements similar to last year as well. This of course means that I have to work at getting better. Last year just sort of happened. It wasn’t something I was consciously working towards. This year, I am working towards getting even better than last year and I am so glad that I have these log books to get an idea of how I progressed last year.

Now for that nap.


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