It Gets Real Now

Today is the first day of training for the 2014 NYC Marathon. It is a rest/cross training day. Ponder that for a moment. You are starting a new training plan for a marathon and your first option is to take a rest day.

For most plans that I have looked at over the years I’ve noticed that most most start with this rest/cross training day option. It makes total sense when you actually get into the plan and know that your long runs will most likely fall on a Sunday. Besides, who really wants to do a hard workout on a Monday? Cross training it is! See how I skipped over the rest bit.

Once again, I’ll be using Hal Higdon’s Intermediate I Marathon Plan. I used it last year, and if you recall, I had major anxiety attacks for the first few weeks. Then I got into the rhythm of the plan and realized that my legs really liked how the weekly miles were arranged. I found it much easier to follow than his beginners plan if only because it can often be hard to run 10 miles on a Wednesday night after a long day work.

Ha, but just because I’m familiar with the plan does not mean I won’t have anxiety attacks this year! This is me we are talking about. So here goes my annual advance gratitude and apology to all my friends. First, thank goodness most of you are also runners so you get it. Second, my entire social calendar will be almost occupied by running. However, I will always make room for brunches (and Bloody Marys) post-long run. Third, I will most likely only talk about my marathon training. If you can put up with this again, you are a superstar and know how grateful I am for your support!

So yes, there are no more excuses for missing a run, it’s time to log those miles and get serious about my goal of a sub-5 marathon. I know what has to be done to get there, I just have to do it. Oh dear, now that just caused a minor panic attack.

Does laundry count as cross training? Kidding, but not really.


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