Week One

I apologize for that very lame and pathetic blog title but I’m sleepy after my first week of marathon training for this year’s NYC Marathon.

Back in my happy place. (c) Stacey Cooper

Back in my happy place. (c) Stacey Cooper

So yes, week one is in the books. In some ways it’s like the first day of school. There is that excitement combined with a little anxiety.

It has been great seeing all of my buddies’ posts about their first week of training and very exciting to get my own training underway. But at the same time those usual bits of anxiety creep in. Do I have a solid enough base to start out on this plan? Will I  be able to handle all this mileage again?

Having done this a few times already and using this plan last year I know the answers are all yes. But there is still that tiny little voice that questions everything.

My first week went well. I never look at it from too much of time/pace type of week. It’s more about getting into the rhythm of the plan. Last week was bait tricky here in New York as we started out with very humid conditions and a lot of severe thunderstorms in the evening. But every mile that was supposed to be logged got logged and I’m very happy about that.

This is my new Trek Lexa C. She has yet to be named but I'm working on that. I love her dearly. (c) Stacey Cooper

This is my new Trek Lexa C. She has yet to be named but I’m working on that. I love her dearly. (c) Stacey Cooper

I’m also happy that my plan for doing my cross training portions of my training plan are well underway. I think I can only say this because I’m not attempting to do anything that involves strength training. I still have yet to walk to side of the gym since I only joined that for the treadmill during the winter months. I’m trying to be realistic about what will work and what won’t for me. So, this has meant sticking to my Deep Water Running class during the week and now I have my new bike!!!!!

I ordered her last week and was able to pick her up today. After my final fitting at the bike shop by my house I rode her home and man is she a nice ride. She responds well when I shift gears and brake and just feels like I have been riding her forever. This is pretty great since it has been about six years since I have seriously ridden a bike.

Her arrival coincides just in time for my official cross training day in my training, which is every Monday. I’ve got my route mapped out for a decent distance that involves a few hills and get me back by the time my early morning runs are done. We’re going to have a fabulous summer!

It’s these little things to start off your training that give you the mental boost that you are indeed going to have a great training season!


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  1. This is great! I agree that it’s important to make sure we just hit those workouts on the schedule.

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