Life Happens

So all was going so well with my training and then that darn thing called life got in the way and threw a wrench into most of my training plans for last week.

After coming off a really great training week I had sleepless nights caused by an overworking brain caused by a hectic work life and topsy turvy things in my personal life. I can’t believe I just wrote “topsy turvy” in a blog post. This translated into very little running.

I had really wanted to put a string and serious effort into last week’s training by continuing my commitment to accomplishing my marathon goal time. One missed run turned into two and then the hope of salvaging the week with a good long run just did not happen.

At mid-week I was frustrated about this and even somewhat after my race on Saturday. But while on my extremely abbreviated run on Sunday, the solution came to me. Switch weeks.

This week, week 6 of my plan, is technically a recovery week. But since that is what week 5 turned into I’m flipping them. So the distances I was supposed to cover last week I’m covering this week. While this is not something I would normally recommend, especially as you get further into a training plan. I can get away with it now. I already have a solid base where running 12, 13, 14 miles in consecutive weeks is something I’m used to. Plus it’s still early in the plan. I may not have done this where I have weeks of 17, 18, 13, and 20 miles in a row.

So life happened last week. I still got in a few good workouts but not everything I wanted. It happens and I’m now able to let go of that disappointment. I’ve needed to remind myself to be a bit more flexible and relax. I say this as I’ve been playing with my stress ball at work.

This week is off to a better start with better planning on my part. I’m making sure I get to bed at a decent hour for those early morning training runs and making sure I schedule things around work stuff. I’ll still have to work on not getting disappointed when other things get in the way but at least I know I can figure things out.

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