Back on Track

Sometimes hitting the reset button is just what we need.

After a week of not being able to get out form most of my training runs and decided to flip my upcoming recovery week and the week I sort of screwed up. While most times I am a huge proponent of the, “You can’t make up a missed run” crowd I did know that I was still early enough in my training where making this flip would not hurt me.

I still got my recovery week and the weekly mileage increases are in the normal range for me, especially when they are in the range I would normally do for half marathon training. My body is used to doing 12, 14, and 15 mile long runs three weeks in a row so no big worries on that front. I’m also decided not to do any speed work last week to play it a little safe.

So the flip/reset of my training worked well. I focused on scheduling my training runs to make sure that nothing conflicted with work or other plans. I made sure I got to sleep at a decent hour on most nights and I paid more attention to my nutrition this past week.

It all seemed to pay off. I have my two weekly cross-training bike rides that absolutely make my week. I knew I would enjoy getting back into cycling again but I cannot tell you how much I enjoy getting on my bike on a Monday morning and getting the cobwebs out of my system.

I was able to get every single bike ride and run completed to its full distance on its scheduled day and what a great feeling of accomplishment it was.

My original plan for my long was to run with my running club on Sunday but just needing a few extra hours of sleep took priority so I took the opportunity to run through my neck of the woods. This meant a few extra loops around a park but it also gave me the opportunity to run along some streets (with giant homes!) that I normally don’t get to see. It provided a nice change of pace and some additional hills. It really gave me a fresh look on an old route plus let me fantasize about the type of home I’m going to get if I win lotto.

Please lord let me win lotto, I promise to buy a really nice home and not a tacky one either!

So getting back on track with my training has given me a nice little momentum to keep things moving forward in the right direction.

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I'm a SloHoMo.
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