New Year’s Resolutions

So as many of you know I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. Instead I try to set goals that try to accomplish throughout the year.

It has been slow going for me in getting focused on those goals so I’m going to do a “do over” and start fresh for the Chinese New Year. It’s ok, because my Chinese friend made me an honorary Chinese person for the occasion.

One of the goals has been to get back on track nutritionally but I’ve found myself getting into that horrible mindset of “I’ll start next week” or “I’ll start tomorrow.” I’m still waiting for next week and tomorrow to start. And, it’s just so much easier to order take out that is not at all healthy.

No more excuses, just get it going. Plus my fat shorts were less roomy yesterday. Man, if that won’t motivate you I don’t know what will!

So, the grocery order with real food has been placed. I’m going to get back in the kitchen, something I love to do by the way, and start cooking those healthy nutritionally sound meals. That 10 inch chef’s knife has been lonely and we’re going to have regular date nights now.

Free movies are always good!

Free movies are always good!

Another great motivator was an advanced screening of the new Disney move, McFarland USA. It’s based on the true story of how a high school cross country team in a migrant farm worker town got its start. Today it is one of the top cross country teams in California.

When you see how hard those kids worked by starting their days picking produce, going to school, picking more produce, and then having their coached workouts after you quickly realize that your lack of commitment, dedication, and motivation sucks. Plus, if Danny the chubby kid can climb up a hill and pass a bunch of runners then we all certainly can do the same.

I don’t have the excuse of an injury anymore, just that I need to take care of my foot to make sure it doesn’t get hurt again and the reality is it won’t get hurt again by the simple act of running. I don’t have an excuse for not eating right and I simply don’t have excuses for not running when it’s cold outside because I have access to a treadmill, and a trainer for my bike, and my Deep Water Running classes.

I’ve already been more consistent running and training this past week than I have in the past two months. Now I need to reinforce that and my honorary Chinese status is giving me that little motivation, oh and Danny the chubby kid is too.

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  1. mary nilan says:

    You go Girl!!

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