A Checklist of Stuff

This past weekend proved to be a good time to get some to do items and other things checked off.

  1. First I finally registered for the NYC Marathon. Here we go again!
  2. I got my nutrition plan underway by cleaning out my fridge and getting healthy food that you actually have to cook. Although my fridge still looks like it belongs to a single woman.
  3. I took care of some things for my running club, including finalizing plans for an upcoming workshop that I’m putting together. And hey, if you are in the NYC area and are looking for a great running club you should join Front Runners.
  4. I cooked some of the food I bought.
  5. I spent great quality time with my dog.
  6. I got accepted into the Blue Cross Broad Street Run in Philly.
  7. I bought my train tickets to Philly and started to look at hotels.
  8. I’m feeling very motivated to continue with my training and I haven’t felt like that in a long time.

Here’s to checking off items on your list!


About scoopsontherun

I'm a SloHoMo.
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